About Us

Let words describe you. Let words define you. Let words inspire you.

LIFELONG has been a labor of love for years for sisters Dona and Helen White. We started talking about this idea years ago while sitting on the beach one day. Dona was trying to find a unique gift for a 40th birthday. Something personal, not cheesy. Needless to say, she was unsuccessful.

After thinking about it more and more, we realized a need. There had to people like us trying to find a gift that was so much more personal. Something that celebrated who you are. We didn’t start pursuing the new business until a couple of years later, but after a lot of brainstorming and ups and downs, LIFELONG was born!

LIFELONG was created as brand for self expression and celebration. A brand that makes one feel nostalgic, inspired, or tells the world something about them. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn something about others or something that connects them to you? We all have lifelong passions, hobbies, interests or things about us that make us who we are. LIFELONG tells your story and we love it! We hope you enjoy it too!

About Dona and Helen

Dona and Helen grew up in the Philadelphia area. They currently reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia and their professional background is the financial and healthcare industry.